October 1. 2006
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Woodworking Links

Link to BT3Central.com Sam Conder's BT3Central.com is my usual first stop forum when I'm in the mood for forums. It is dedicated to woodworking for people who own or a re considering buying a Ryobi BT series tablesaw. Sam has an extensive collection of tips, jigs, several of which were designed by me, and woodworking projects displayed in "PDF" format.

Link to the Leeway Workshop

Lee Styron is a man I met through Ryobi's forum and is a major contributer to BT3Central's forums. He has a couple of websites worth visiting The LeeWay Workshop is his site for woodworking info and Lee formerly had a cartoon web site that was great, unfortunately that site is currently out of order. He art is just great! You may contact him through his current Leeway Workshop site for information on his artwork.

This website is a great place to visit if you own a BT3xK table saw or are considering purchase of a table saw. It is the first forum which I joined. You can follow my posts by looking for user name BLACK WALLNUT(two words); which by the way is my "user name" on all of the forums I participate in. If searching the archives try Blackwallnut(one word). CLICK HEREto go to Ryobi.

New Yankee Workshop is the website about the great PBS television series so named. Norm, the host is just simply amazing. Lots of great information here.

Guns & Reloading

The Firing Line is a forum and database dedicated to all things gun related. If you can't find answers to your firearms related questions here some links are provided to where you could seek answers.


I wish to thank the following sites and people for some of the neat stuff (and not so neat) on this site.

Norm Havens, Fujino, Japan someone I met on the Ryobi forum and has been a source of encouragement in learning HTML. Green Gables: A Contemplative Companion to Fujino Township. This is a link You might enjoy.

Maricopa center for learning & instruction A site Norm sent me to for a great background in writing HTML

HTML goodies is a site which added to my knowledge.

This site is where I got the background for my fishing page.

Many thanks to Eric Johnson a fellow BT3er and proprietor of anetechnologies.com for help with the design of my site. Eric might be "the" person you need to contact if you are thinking of publishing your own website. His advice steered me to choose my host for this site. Eric also edited my previous background for my homepage which I gladly used. To see the difference click here for a preview of what it was and here for a preview of what it looks like now. Eric does outstanding work in my opinion.

The fish I'm holding in the picture on my Fishing Page was caught on Mike Studer's boat. Mike has been a very close personal friend for years and in fact was my best man in my wedding. Many thanks to Mike for taking me out in his boat!